Jack’s Customer Experience Keynotes Entertain, Enlighten, and Energize.

Jack Mackey’s #1 Keynote:


Jack Mackey’s enlightening keynote presentation “What Customers Love” leads with surprising insights from loyalty research plus provocative examples and fresh ideas from the world’s most forward-thinking service brands. Jack demonstrates how the best organizations differentiate the customer experience. He shows the keys to unlock a pervasive service culture to enthusiastically execute brand promises. And Jack is funny! His teaching style grabs hearts and minds so his audiences remember and use the proven approaches he shares.

If you want your next meeting or event to be a HUGE success, make sure you include Jack Mackey!

Jack works with each client, targeting “What Customers Love” to be directly impactful to what the audience does and tailoring his material into the whole theme of the conference.

Yet his underlying message and method never fail to captivate. Jack takes the stage and engages the audience immediately with funny stories, disclosing surprising insights from customer loyalty research and personal research – which he admits didn’t go so well.

Jack acknowledges a fundamental reality:

Ambition for growth is universal.  All companies large and small want more customers; lawyers want more clients, doctors and hospitals want more patients, museums and theaters want more patrons, non-profits want more donors. More, more, more!

He then poses the problem:

But what many leaders don’t understand is: The absence of loyalty is the greatest inhibitor to business growth! Most companies lose half their customers every 5 years and 20-50% of team members annually. Tough to grow without loyalty.

Jack offers a glimpse of glory:

In contrast, companies that are loyalty-leaders grow twice as fast as others. Their sales are about 15% more profitable due to lower costs in customer acquisition and employee turnover. Great. How do we get there?

Jack’s answer: Experience drives loyalty and growth.

Experience is so powerful it changes the way people think and feel and act. Both customers and team members repeat rewarding experiences and they spread the word about exceptional experiences. What’s new from 10 years ago? We live online! With mobile devices in every purse and pocket, technology exponentially increases the speed and impact of “word of mouth” advertising to stimulate growth.

And in the heart of Jack’s talk:

Guidelines to winning loyalty are revealed!

Delivering loyalty-inspiring experiences is your only sustainable path to growth.

Social media has exposed the gap between what you promise and what you actually deliver – with smartphones streaming star-ratings, customer comments and real-time video evidence of what is really happening. Plus, employer-rating sites like Glass Door, Indeed and Great Place to Work provide employee-generated insights considered more candid and trustworthy than your company website. But In our hyper-connected society, loyal customer and team member advocates are company assets. They become part of your marketing and recruiting infrastructure. That’s brilliant! Adds no cost. The opposite is true for brand terrorists burned by bad experiences. Whereas ordinary experiences create…silence.

Learn which elements of the experience customers value most – and focus on those.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says, “We know customers like low prices. We know customers like big selection. We know customers like fast delivery. So we can count on those things and ‘put energy into them.’” Bezos means their research shows price, selection and speed are what customers value most in their business. Amazon out-executes competitors through obsessive focus on those three things customers want most. You can do the same when you know the key drivers of loyalty for your customers. This why leaders must know how to analyze data. Then focus your team’s execution with a compelling scorecard on these lead measures of loyalty.

Forge positive emotional connections with people.

Serving customers with genuine warmth and hospitality fulfills an often-unmet need and creates customer goodwill; makes them feel special, honored and respected. But how can we expect our customers to love us, if our team members don’t? Can’t be done! Forging emotional bonds with customers requires goodwill from team members. Their positive engagement springs from a high-performance culture – one that seeks to enhance the careers and lives of team members – recognizing they are the real heroes of business. Whether colleagues or customers, all business is personal. It goes where it’s invited and stays where it’s appreciated.

Results prove a loyalty-based growth approach works.

Every industry has clear loyalty leaders, companies who lead in bettering the lives of customers and providing a great place to work. Loyalty leaders grow profitable sales much faster because loyalty drives growth and acts like armor against the competition. And a great customer experience is the hardest thing for competitors to copy. That’s what makes this approach such an effective strategy.

Jack wraps up with an inspirational call to action: And the time is now.

Yes, it requires a lot of time, energy and focus to become a loyalty leader, but not a lot of dollars – though the financial payoff is great. That means this is a game that’s open for anyone to play. All you need to get started is effort – and the guidelines in this keynote from those who have done it!

“Thanks, Jack. You delivered exactly the message our team needed to hear. And your delivery was terrific!”
~ Don Fox, CEO, Firehouse Subs


A Special Note About Jack’s Keynotes.

There’s no such thing as an off-the-shelf keynote when you bring Jack Mackey on-board. Jack partners with you to give your group a message tailored to your goals. He customizes the content and modifies the title to match your audience and conference theme. For example, “What Customers Love” has been customized and presented as “Instilling Guest Loyalty in a Mature Industry,” “Finding the Gorilla in the Data,” “Leading for Growth,” and for one client when things were not going well, “Love the Battle: Mindsets and Skillsets.” Jack creates an engaging and inspiring keynote that’s tailored just for you.

Don’t Take Our Word…

Audiences, meeting planners, and business executives recommend Jack’s high-impact presentations.

Jim Afinowich

Past President, International Business Brokers Association

“I’ll always be grateful to Jack Mackey for making me a hero when I was President of IBBA. I had invited Jack to address our national convention of independent business owners-a fairly hard-boiled bunch. His interactive and humorous presentation style completely engaged them – so much so that our Executive Committee insisted we invite him back and double his time on next year’s convention program. Jack did more than get invited back – he set a new standard for what we expect at our conventions.”

Cynthia Stamper Graff

CEO, Lindora Medical Weight Loss Clinics

“I first heard Jack speak at the Service Management Forum. I knew immediately that he would be perfect to address my organization at our all-company Learning Festival. And, Jack ‘delivered.’ The audience of 200 was mesmerized-on a Saturday morning! He was funny, engaging, insightful, and delivered a very important message about the significant impact each person has on a customer’s experience. He’ll definitely be invited back.”

Bob Banach

CEO, Metro Park Warehouse SystemsCompany name

“We invited Jack to come in during a tough economic time to help us rally our senior people to “love the battle.” He was such a huge hit we have invited him back two more times including this past January. Jack is funny and real; he is an exciting and entertaining presenter; he always gets our group totally engaged in a positive message that is grounded in solid business thinking. We would have him speak at our annual meeting every year if we could!”

Alice Rogers

VP Operations Excellence, AMC Theatres

We hired Jack as an outside speaker as we were looking for a fresh perspective on a more strategic level. Jack customized his speech to ensure he targeted concepts that were important to us. Jack’s expert understanding of the guest experience was evident as he delivered one of the most inspiring and passionate speeches that I can remember hearing over the years. Moreover, the GM feedback rated his session as one of the best they attended. Thanks Jack!

Shelly Sun

Company namePresident, BrightStar Healthcare

“Your session on growing the business through loyalty was fantastic. You really did your homework on BrightStar and I think that’s one reason why the positive feedback from our owners was so strong. You have a special talent for getting franchise owners fully engaged and leading the kind of hands-on workshop that people remember and actually apply. Thank you for helping us achieve our conference goals and advancing our brand. It was a pleasure working with you.”

Susan Hern

Director of Operations, Nothing Bundt Cakes

Jack Mackey was so instrumental in the success of our conference it is hard to put it into words. He deeply captured the attention of our attendees regarding the power of customer experience. Most importantly, he presented in a way that was so relatable the audience was laughing one minute and crying the next and furiously scribbling notes in between. I would highly recommend Jack for any conference or speaking event.

Roger David

CEO and President, Buffalo Wings and Rings

“You really set the stage for us to launch our elevated service promise…Buffalove!  You challenged us to think harder about our business in ways that will surely pay a dividend.  I’m looking forward to you keeping us on our toes as we navigate through our service promise.  Your role to me and our company as a trusted advisor is greatly appreciated.”

Charlie Noyes

Vice President Operations, Ninety-Nine Restaurants

The “Celebrated Discontent” theme you used really hit home with our managers. The examples you gave of other companies’ service and leadership best practices was a powerful way to get your-our-message across. Sprinkle in your sparkling personality and humor, and I’d say you have the makings of a great road show. Let’s do it again!

Colin Bishop

President, The Maids International

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with you, and having you part of our future will be an exciting combination!  Thank you contributing such a big part to our successful Growth Summit this past weekend…It was by far our best!”

John Harris

International Marketing Manager, Crestcom International

“Jack Mackey delivered the best presentation at our international convention in the last 20 years. He had our franchisees screaming for more. When they finally let him leave the stage, it was to a thunderous standing ovation.”

Vicki Landtiser

Regional Event Manager, Accelerent

Thank you so much for your speech this morning – informative, entertaining and your delivery was spot on! Ross, Ted and I all agree that you should speak in our other markets so we will all be letting corporate know.

Don Fox

CEO, Firehouse of AmericaCompany name

“Thanks, Jack.  You delivered exactly the message our team needed to hear.  And your delivery was terrific!”