grandma getting ticket

Mother-in-Law-Thanksgiving-Burglar Alarm-Cops Arrest Me?!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my experience blog. My short 2-minute video tells a true Thanksgiving experience of mine. If watching it reminds you of something funny that happened to you as a customer or an employee, please share it with me. Cheers!

Customer Behavior that Gets Rewarded Gets Repeated

Customer Behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated

Architects and Heroes

Highly engaged team members and team member loyalty are outcomes of effective leadership.

The Secret You Can Borrow From Amazon

Learn how Amazon founder Jeff Bezos built his company using customer loyalty.

#6 Sign You Really Have a Customer Loyalty Strategy

  Customer comments are shared throughout the organization.  Data has no heart.  But almost everyone cares about what other people are saying about them.  Customer comments heighten awareness that customers notice employee behaviors. When team members hear or read comments from their customers about specific experiences in their area, this has high emotional impact.  Emotion…
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