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#6 Sign You Really Have a Customer Loyalty Strategy


Customer comments are shared throughout the organization.
 Data has no heart.  But almost everyone cares about what other people are saying about them.  Customer comments heighten awareness that customers notice employee behaviors. When team members hear or read comments from their customers about specific experiences in their area, this has high emotional impact.  Emotion drives action.  Positive or negative, feedback is a proven behavior modifier.

Behavior that gets rewarded with compliments usually gets repeated. Customer feedback that draws negative attention from peers and supervisors acts as a deterrent to that behavior in the future.

 The shorter the time between performance and feedback, the greater the impact.  That’s why real-time reporting of customer comments is best.

Signs that you really have a Customer Loyalty strategy

  1. Senior management is committed to measuring – and improving – the customer experience.
  2. Measurement targets are expressed as a percentage of highly satisfied customers.
  3. Focus is on the key drivers of customer loyalty
  4. The operations team takes ownership for continuously improving service quality and consistency.
  5. Voice of the customer feedback is not just “reported.”  It is delivered to the field with clear expectations for action
  6. Customer comments are shared throughout the organization.

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