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The #3 Sign You Really Have a Customer Loyalty Strategy

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Sign #3:  Focus is on the key drivers of customer loyalty 

If you know the distinctions between a customer experience that is loyalty-inspiring, and one that is not, you can intelligently focus efforts.  The biggest mistake business leaders and entrepreneurs make is to try to be the best at everything. While the impulse to excel is an overall positive trait in managers, the most successful have the discipline to focus on the vital few elements of the customer experience that matter most. And there can be no guessing about those key drivers.  Top businesses rely on analytics grounded in marketing science that can predict with confidence what improvements in the customer experience will have the greatest impact on increasing loyalty.   Reliable data, rather than the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion, are essential in making fact-based decisions about what to focus on improving.  There is still plenty of room for opinion about “how” to make those improvements. 

 Signs that you really have a Customer Loyalty strategy

  1. Senior management is committed to measuring – and improving – the customer experience.
  2. Measurement targets are expressed as a percentage of highly satisfied customers.
  3. Focus is on the key drivers of customer loyalty.

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