The #2 Sign You Really Have a Customer Loyalty Strategy

Customer Loyatly
Sign #2:  Measurement targets are expressed as a percentage of highly satisfied customers.

Remember that the target is not satisfaction.  The target is loyalty.  And satisfied customers aren’t loyal.  There is no competitive advantage in creating merely “satisfied” customers. There is no significant gain in loyalty.  Highly satisfied customers are twice as likely to return as lukewarm satisfied customers. Highly satisfied customers are three times as likely to recommend.  Loyal customers spend more per average transaction, and they send referrals to you through the enthusiastic stories they tell, based on doing business with you. Best in class organizations achieve 80 to 85 percent “Highly Satisfied” customers, which creates a significant competitive advantage versus typical competition.  In the pursuit of loyalty, the most important goal of customer experience management is to create highly satisfied customers – they are the true loyalists.

Signs that you really have a Customer Loyalty strategy

  1. Senior management is committed to measuring – and improving – the customer experience.
  2. Measurement targets are expressed as a percentage of highly satisfied customers.

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