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Expertise and Reputation

Jack Mackey is an expert in customer experience management, team member engagement and leading for growth. As an executive at Service Management Group (SMG), Jack helped grow the business into one of the world’s premier customer measurement and insight firms. He assisted hundreds of companies in driving profitable sales growth through more loyalty-inspiring experiences.

Jack is a Founding Member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association and named in Who’s Who in CX. His management training talks on customer experience are translated into 14 languages by Crestcom International for a global team of leaders. But Jack is best-known for infecting his audiences with a spirit of creative discontent and stimulating record-breaking results for clients.

“You can market all you like, but people believe what they EXPERIENCE.”

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Jack’s keynote presentation “What Customers Love” makes conference history every time.  Here’s why…all companies want more customers and sales!

There are only 3 ways to drive growth:


customer retention.


Get customers
to spend more.


Attract more
new customers.

And the fastest way to grow is to do all three at the same time by creating a…

Loyalty-Inspiring Experience.

Loyal customers keep doing business with you, they spend more, and they refer new customers to you through the positive stories they tell about doing business with you.

That’s true more than ever in today’s world of instant customer review sites and social media sharing among highly connected customers.

Fifty years of research with millions of customers around the world confirms that loyalty-leaders grow twice as fast as their industry average.

That’s why knowing what makes people loyal is so important!

What Makes Jack Mackey Unique?


As an executive at one the world’s leading customer analytics agencies, Jack helped hundreds of companies develop systems that guide and energize their people to deliver loyalty-inspiring experiences.


Jack’s keynotes are packed with discoveries demonstrating what matters most to customers, how to win passionate brand fans, and who drives true growth. He links the power of loyalty to business results.


Audiences LOVE Jack’s humorous business lessons! When people are laughing out loud they are fully engaged – never bored, day-dreaming, checking mobile devices or thinking about anything else.


Jack brings the intellectual rigor to win over skeptics and the genuine passion to re-energize weary business warriors. He is a master speaker who uplifts people with a message of significance beyond success.

What makes audiences love Jack
and meeting
planners invite him back?


World class presentation content.


Compelling, entertaining, dynamic style.


Moves people to think, feel and act differently.


Immediate practical take-home messages.


Total focus on the interests of the audience.


Tailors material into the theme of conference.


Leaves conference audiences wanting more. And speaking of extra value…

Chart Your Course to Loyalty Leadership is a breakout session designed to accompany Jack’s keynote on “What Customers Love”.





Do you have customers?
Do you lead a team?
Do you want your team to win,
and keep more customers?

During this workshop you will:

1- Increase your knowledge of customer experience management to implement immediately after the conference.

2- Architect your customer experience strategy to directly improve business results.

3- Build your personal capability to win team member engagement and loyalty.


Plus each participant receives:
BONUS Summary: Great Place to Work Assessment.

BONUS Self-Assessment – Leadership in Service-Based Organization

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Audiences, meeting planners, and CEO’s recommend Jack’s high-impact presentations.

Jack is funny and real; he is an exciting and entertaining presenter; he always gets our group totally engaged in a positive message that is grounded in solid business thinking. We would have him speak at our annual meeting every year if we could!

Bob Banach

CEO, Metro Park

Your session on growing the business through customer loyalty was fantastic. You really did your homework on Brightstar and…you have a special talent getting franchise owners fully engaged…in ways that people remember and actually apply. Thank you for helping us achieve our conference goals!

Shelly Sun

CEO, Brightstar Healthcare

The audience of 200 was mesmerized-on a Saturday morning! Jack was funny, engaging, insightful, and delivered a very important message about the significant impact each person has on a customer’s experience. He’ll definitely be invited back.

Cynthia Stamper

CEO, Lindora

Professional Fee

Book Jack Mackey for a high-energy, eye-opening experience people will talk about for years!

Total price will include professional fee plus travel/materials.





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